Strengthening Families Seeks Understanding to Create Solutions

The Focus on Prevention team is working to strengthen families throughout Stanislaus by concentrating on the Focus on Prevention priorities

• Families are healthy-physically, emotionally, and spiritually
• Families are supported by strong and safe neighborhoods
• Children and juveniles are getting first-rate education from cradle-to-career
• Families are participating in and supported by a healthy economy
• Families and neighbors who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness, permanently escape homelessness.

Recent research has found that children of recently arrested parents have a high probability of becoming involved in the criminal justice system. However research has also shown that having a family support system in place for individuals reentering the community after incarceration substantially reduces the rate of recidivism for those individuals. As a result, in April 2018, the Strengthening Families Leadership Group endorsed the recommendation to establish a supportive service to address the needs of the Day Reporting Center (DRC) family population.


Stanislaus County Day Reporting Center, Modesto California

The DRC currently provides programs for individuals on probation who have the highest risk to reoffend. Since the endorsement of the Strengthening Families Leadership Group, a Project Management Team was formed to develop a pilot program designed around supporting clients of the Day Reporting Center and their families. The Project Management Team consists of staff from Stanislaus County Chief Executive Office, Probation Department, Sheriff’s Department, and United Way of Stanislaus County.  Key stakeholders such as Sierra Vista Child and Family Services, Community Services Agency, Stanislaus County Office of Education, Behavioral Heath Recovery Services, Center for Human Services, City Ministry Network, and the New Leadership Network are playing an important role in the development of the pilot.

In the coming weeks, the Project Management Team will hold empathy interviews, strategic planning and visioning sessions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the needs and a develop the program that will not only serve those needs but strengthen their families.



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