CSOC Special Meeting 10.21.2020

On October 2, 2020, the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) released the Emergency Solutions Grants Program – Coronavirus (ESG-CV) Notice of Funding Availability (Round 2).  The allocation for the Turlock/Modesto-Stanislaus Continuum of Care, also known as the Stanislaus Community System of Care (CSOC), is $22,767,898.   This is the single largest allocation of homeless-related funding ever received by the Stanislaus community.

  • Purpose – Prevent, prepare for, and respond to Coronavirus among individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness
  • State Funding Prioritization –  (1) to serve those most in need through Rapid Rehousing and Emergency Shelter; and (2) to ensure all eligible persons receive equitable services with dignity, respect and compassion regardless of circumstance, ability, or identity.
  • Eligible Activities –
    • Rapid Rehousing
      • Rental Assistance (can include utility assistance, case management)
      • Training on infectious disease prevention and mitigation and provide hazard pay
    • Emergency shelters
      • Shelter Expansion and /or Rehabilitation of Facility(ies)
      • Temporary Emergency Shelters
      • Acquisition of Real Property (maximum $2.5 million per property)
      • Training on infectious disease prevention and mitigation and provide hazard pay
      • Street Outreach
      • Shelter Operations
    • Homeless Management Information Services (HMIS ) Data Support Services
  • Milestones –
    • October 28, 2020            Application Submittal Deadline to HCD
    • November 11, 2020        Authorizing Resolution Deadline to HCD
    • July 31, 2021                    Deadline to expend 20% of funding ($4,553,580)
    • September 30, 2021       Deadline to expend 40% of the funding ($9,107,159)
    • November 30, 2021        Deadline to expend 60% of the funding ($13,660,739)
    • January 21, 2022             Deadline to expend 80% of the funding ($18,214,318)
    • July 30, 2022                    Deadline to expend 100% of the funding ($22,767,898)

An overview of this funding, including eligible uses and milestones, will be discussed at the October 15, 2020 CSOC meeting.  Due to the enormous impact these funds can have on our community and the compressed timeframe in which the application needs to be submitted to HCD, we are scheduling a SPECIAL CSOC meeting on Wednesday, October 21, 2020  from 3:00 to 5:00 pm to obtain feedback as to how to best spend these funds in our community.  The SPECIAL CSOC meeting will be held via Zoom (instructions attached).  We will also be accepting written feedback through Friday, October 23, 2020.  Please email your comments to csoc@stancounty.com.    

Please share this information widely – we invite and encourage a diverse representation of ideas and perspectives to assist in the development of a strategy for the use of these funds.   Please click on this link to access the Agenda.

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