What’s Next Workshop

Over the past several months, Stanislaus County has participated in the Governor’s 100 Day Challenge on Homelessness. In alignment with the statewide objective, we built a diverse team and set an ambitious goal to rehouse Project RoomKey guests. These efforts resulted in 28 guests of the program securing permanent housing.

As we move beyond the 100 Days into the sustainability phase of the project, we would like to invite key system leaders and stakeholders to discuss how we can continue with the momentum of this work.

Our What’s Next Workshopwill take place on Oct.19 from 1pm-3pm. Here is the zoom link and connection information:

Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/96982514027

Meeting ID: 969 8251 4027

This workshop closes out the 100-Day Challenge and kicks off the next critical phase: Sustaining Project. The Sustaining Project, which is driven by the System Leaders, focuses on sustaining the gains in performance realized by the team and implementing recommended system shifts to ensure that insights from the team are concretized. The two-hour workshop will review the team’s experience from the 100-Day Challenge, and then will dive into developing the plan for the Sustaining Project. Both 100-Day Challenge Team members and System Leaders are invited to attend this workshop.

What’s Next Workshop Objectives:

1. Review and celebrate the work, achievements, and learning of the Team during the 100-Day Challenge

2. Finalize the goals and framework for the Sustaining Project

3. Develop an implementation and accountability plan for the Sustaining Project

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