Regional Homeless Strategic Plan for Stanislaus


Development of a Regional Homeless Strategic Plan for Stanislaus is underway and the community is seeking input from EVERYONE across Stanislaus County. This strategic plan will outline barriers, goals, strategies to address homelessness across Stanislaus County and how to make the homeless system of care more equitable and inclusive. The strategic planning team is currently in the process of collecting feedback from each City and unincorporated area, as well as providers, folks with lived experience of homelessness, community members and other stakeholders, so they can ensure the plan is aligned with community-specific challenges and concerns.

As of September 2021, the Draft Version II of the Regional Homeless Plan for Stanislaus County has been created and published to the community. Click below to view the plan.


For the past several months, the community has been collecting feedback from across Stanislaus County to develop a regional homeless strategic plan. To date, feedback has been collected from well over 1,100 individuals including: service providers, elected officials, community organizers, business owners, renters, property owners, people experiencing homelessness, law enforcement, medical professionals, students, faith-based groups, and many others.

On May 22, 2021 from 10AM-12PM, there was a Community Summit where some of the results from this feedback process and potential goals to move forward with in the final strategic plan were presented to the community for feedback. Please see the slide deck from the Community Summit here and a recording of the session here.

Please find an additional survey requesting feedback on the draft goals identified for the strategic plan here in English and here in Spanish. The survey will close in mid-June. THIS SURVEY HAS NOW BEEN CLOSED.

Encuentre una encuesta adicional solicitando comentarios sobre los proyectos de metas identificados para el plan estratégico aquí en español. ESTA ENCUENSTA ESTA CERRADA.

Be a part of the solution and help identify needs, concerns, and better ways to provide housing and services for the community. Everyone deserves to have a voice.

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Please share this information with other community members so we can get as much feedback as possible. 

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