Stanislaus Homeless Alliance (SHA)

Stanislaus Homeless Alliance is the name of the collaborative entity formed to align homelessness services, planning, and funding among stakeholders in Stanislaus County. The Stanislaus Homeless Alliance consists of community leaders working to end homelessness.

The purpose of the Stanislaus Homeless Alliance is to:

A. Promote alignment and coordination of homeless services funding in Stanislaus County.

B. Support the further development and full implementation of the Common Agenda to Prevent and Reduce homelessness, informed by aligning the multiple homelessness plans, funding and community efforts into a single vision and integrated plan.

C. Coordinate the development of a shared performance measurement system to assess effectiveness, quality, efficiency, access and availability of homeless services throughout Stanislaus County.

D. Coordinate with community partners to ensure alignment of efforts to address and end homelessness.

E. Adopt Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) necessary to align community resources to end homelessness.

F. Create and implement necessary committees to carry out the responsibilities of the Stanislaus Homeless Alliance.

G. Coordinate policies and procedures governing the provision and delivery of homeless services in Stanislaus County.

H. Create and implement membership rules for the Stanislaus Homeless Alliance.

I. Develop, follow, and update annually bylaws governing the Stanislaus Homeless Alliance.

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