CSOC February Update

In March 2017, Stanislaus Community System of Care (CSOC) Leadership Structure was formed. The new 25-member CSOC provides overall guidance for the Homelessness Community System of Care, working across multiple sectors to sustain the vision, energy, and commitment to innovate new ways to reduce and prevent homelessness. At the February 15th Community System of Care meeting three priorities areas were identied and approved.

As of February 2018 CSOC will focus all efforts toward achieving progress in the following areas.

HomeBase provided a complete synopsis on the areas and services that need  improvement. CSOC agreed to focus efforts to strengthen those areas in order to maintain current funding and secure additional funding. Aaaron Farnon will send out the synopsis to the CSOC Council for review.

The City of Modesto and Stanislaus County are meeting with grantees to address potential impacts with the implementation of the Coordinated Entry System. Once these items are addressed the CSOC Coordinated Access Committee will meet to provide a final Implementation Action Plan proposal to the CSOC Advisory Council.

An overview of the January Housing Committee meeting was provided by Jim Kruse. The committee is establishing a structure that incorporates forming, planning, financing, marketing, and outreach components. Currently, the committee is engaging and inviting landlords to offer section housing as an affordable housing solution.

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