OEC adds legal help to its list of services

As part of the new collaborative in Stanislaus County’s Outreach and Engagement Center, the Homeless Court Program (HCP) was created to address the unique needs of the local homeless population in accessing court resources and adjudicating their outstanding legal issues. Legal issues such as warrants and fines can significantly hinder a person’s ability to reintegrate into society.

Self suffciency is a key component to helping individuals and families escape homelessness in Stanislaus County and the HCP program is helping to remove legal obstacles that stand in the way of clients standing on their own. HCP case managers will conduct an interview, review their legal record regarding any outstanding warrants, fines, or fees resulting from a failure to appear or lack of engagement in the legal system.

They will then assess any needs related to treatment  (psychological/medical/drug/alcohol) that could benefit them during the process of adjudicating their outstanding cases.
The individual with the help of their HCP case manager will agree to a “plan and time-frame to present to the local District Attorney’s office. Plans will be individual to each client but may
include volunteer hours, treatment programs,groups, appointments, medications, and
out-patient/in-patient programs.

Once individual completes the plan, a court date is set with an HCP commissioner where documentation of completion is reviewed. If the documentation is satisfactory to the court, all the open cases will be resolved including all fines and fees. The HCP staff will follow up with the individual to ensure that they are continuing to be engaged and connected to support services in the community.

The Outreach and Engagement Center is located at 825 12th Street, Modesto
Call 209-272-8800

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