The Future of CSOC

CSOC is the Community System of Care for Stanislaus County. CSOC provides overall guidance for the Homelessness Community System of Care, working across multiple sectors to sustain the vision, energy, and commitment to innovate new ways to reduce and prevent homelessness.

At the April 19th Community System of Care meeting, the NOFA proposal from HomeBase was presented for endorsement by the CSOC Council.

Home Base, a non-profit, public policy law firm dedicated to building community
capacity to end homelessness and reduce poverty, will support the CoC applicants
in each step of the NOFA process including year round preparation and facilitation.
They will provide intensive support for projects in completing and submitting the
NOFA applications for the Stanislaus County Continuum of Care.

CSOC requested a proposal from HomeBase to facilitate the NOFA process in order to maintain current funding as well as increase the pool of renewable funds available to Stanislaus County. In 2017 HomeBase was utilized successfully to facilitate the HUD CoC funding competition. As a result of their involvement HUD funding was stabilized and
increased overall funding by approximately $20,000.

On April 26th the proposal and potential funding source will be presented for endorsement by the Stewardship Council. If endorsed, a contract will be finalized and work will begin immediately to begin preparation for the NOFA application.
HomeBase will be submitting a proposal to build on the progress CSOC has achieved to date. This will include

• Assessing current organizational structure
• Ensuring the successful implementation of Coordinated Entry
• Assisting in successful alignment of funding streams
• Increase the availability of affordable, low income and supportive housing
CSOC meets on the third Thursday of each month.

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