Stanislaus Homeless Alliance

The intent of the SHA is to develop one vision, one program strategy, one funding strategy, and one annual report card to communicate performance outcomes to the community and serve as a framework for mutual accountability. The SHA is comprised of the following elected officials and non-government community leaders:

Agenda & Minutes

February 2020 Agenda

January 2020 Agenda

December 2019 Agenda

November 2019 Agenda

October 2019 Agenda | Minutes

October 2019 (Special Meeting) Agenda | Minutes

September 2019 Agenda | Minutes

August 2019 Agenda | Minutes

July 2019 Agenda | Minutes

June 2019 Agenda | Minutes

May 2019 Agenda | Minutes

Staff Reports

February 2020 Report

January 2020 Report

December 2019 Report

November 2019 Report

October 2019 Report

September 2019 Report

August 2019 Report

July 2019 Report

June 2019 Report

May 2019 Report

PowerPoint Presentations

January 2020 Slides

December Slides

November 2019 Slides

October 2019 Slides

October 2019 (Special Meeting) Slides

September 2019 Slides

August 2019 Slides

July 2019 Slides

June 2019 Slides

May 2019 Slides

Audio/ Recordings

December 2019 Recording

November 2019 Recording

October 2019 (Special Meeting) Recording

October 2019 Recording

September 2019 Recording

August 2019 Recording

July 2019 Recording

June 2019 Audio

May 2019 Audio


June 2019 Focused Areas of Policy and Outcomes Reporting

Additional Information

To view the live broadcast of the Stanislaus Homeless Alliance meeting, click here.

Stanislaus County Homeless Funding Document

Homeless Services Intro Narrative 51419

If you would like to be added to the Stanislaus Homeless Alliance email distribution list, please email Claudia Gomez at

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